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Member Resources

Enrollment in Illinois 4-H is done through our online system. CLICK HERE to enroll in 4-H, select or change your project, or check your account.

Our 20-21 Project Guide is now available for free download


Use this form to plan your 4-H activities
Keep track of your shooting sports project.
An overview of the Illinois 4-H Award process
Download this description of award opportunities
Beekeeping Spark Sheet
Civic Engagement Spark Sheet
Download and complete upon re-enrollment
Collectibles Spark Sheet
Corn Spark Sheet
Keep track of planting, maintenance, and harvest records.
For All Extension Participants
Use if not enrolling online
Use if not enrolling online
Dairy Cattle Spark Sheet
Dairy Goats Spark Sheet
Check to see if your county requires this form.
Dogs Spark Sheet
Entomology Spark Sheet
Environment Spark Sheet
Exploratory Spark Sheet
Family Heritage Spark Sheet
Floriculture Spark Sheet
Forestry Spark Sheet
Guinea Pigs Spark Sheet
For Youth: Use this form to indicate current medical information
For Youth: Use this form to indicate current medical information
Submit this form to your local Extension office
Horse Spark Sheet
Hunting & Outdoor Skills Spark Sheet
Flyer for Illinois 4-H Food Advocacy Team
Use this form to record your livestock project information
Download and submit by May 1
Download and complete
New regulation applies to 4-H youth livestock exhibitors
Meat Goats Spark Sheet
Natural Resources Spark Sheet
Outdoor Adventures Spark Sheet
Download for overnight events
Complete annually
Youth are requested to complete this form allowing publication of photos
Model release
Poultry Spark Sheet
For 8- to 11-year-olds: use this form to plan your project goals
For 12- to 14-year-olds: use this form to plan your project goals
For 15- to 18-year-olds: use this form to plan your project goals
See prices of manuals
Rabbit Spark Sheet
Learn more about the Ready4Life Challenge
Service Learning Spark Sheet
Sheep Spark Sheet
Shooting Sports Air & .22 Caliber Pistol Spark Sheet
Shooting Sports Archery Spark Sheet
Shooting Sports Rifle Spark Sheet
Shooting Sports Shotgun Spark Sheet
Log your shooting events
Small Pets Spark Sheet
Apply for Speaking for Illinois 4-H Training
Speaking for Illinois 4-H Brochure
Sportfishing Spark Sheet
Swine Spark Sheet
Find Your Leadership Role
Vegetable Gardening Spark Sheet
Vet Science Spark Sheet
Paper copy form
Weather Spark Sheet
Wildlife Spark Sheet
Download and submit to apply