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Adventures Await you in Illinois 4-H!

When you join 4-H, you’re part of a large family, nearly 200,000 strong. 4-H offers so many opportunities from which to choose. Find the path that makes sense for you … and then Start Your Journey. Join a club or afterschool program, attend camp, sign up as a 4-H Teen Teacher, travel, have fun, explore new projects, build your skills and meet new friends. Cloverbud Clubs are open to youth who are 5 to 7 years of age. 4-H membership begins at age 8. Pick a 4-H club that focuses on many different projects, or pick a 4-H club to join that focuses on just one project. It’s YOUR adventure; go live it!

4-H is the place where
YOU BELONG and are part of the club

In 4-H, you’re never alone. In 4-H, you’re part of a family of boys and girls working together. At club meetings, you’ll learn how to get along with others as you build your skills and help your community.

4-H is the place where
YOU DECIDE what matters to you

In 4-H, no one forces you to do anything. It’s all up to you. You make 4-H what you want it to be. Work on many projects or focus on one or two. Choose what events sound fun to you, and do them. From Aerospace to Woodworking, we have SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE.

4-H is the place where
YOU SERVE in the world where you live

In 4-H, you have an important role in making your community a better place to live, but you don’t have to do it alone. As a club, you’ll figure out what’s needed most in your neighborhood and think of ways to help. Helping others has never been as fun as it will be in 4-H.

4-H is the place where
YOU LEARN to succeed at what interests you.

In 4-H, you’ll meet adults who care about you and help you succeed. 4-H matches you with mentors who will coach you in important job skills, such as problem solving, communicating, and teamwork. 4-H introduces you to potential employers, then gives you the training to get the career you want.